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Author Topic: Thoughts on using crucible/tongs to make Brass using Copper and Rock  (Read 63 times)

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     So after finding a crucible and tongs and not knowing what it is, I asked in world chat what it does and Rattleman directs me to the forum and a video. I watched the video and discover that it allows for the smelting of copper which was added to the server. Being a metalworker myself and knowing that brass (which I can NEVER get enough of) is made from Copper and Zinc, I immediately conclude that it would be awesome to be able to smelt brass.
     I did a little research to find out where zinc comes from and how much is in the "average" brass because I didn't pay attention to these things before and I think that most players, myself included, would like to keep things more realistic. So I find a website: http://www.zinc.org/environment/. In the second paragraph, it says "Background levels of zinc in soil and rock typically range between 10 and 300 milligrams per kilogram." In mathematical terms, this means for an average rock:

Zn = .001/1000 to .03/1000 or .00001% to .0003%

I also found the average brass ratio to be from .75Cu/.25Zn to .65Cu/.35Zn

Using these figures, I came up with the ration to make 1 scrap brass from Copper and Rock to be (using a 30% Zinc Brass and the highest concentration Zinc in rock)

 .7 pieces smelted copper and 1000 pieces of smelted rock.

It would be easier to just round the copper up to 1, I think. Now this would still make Brass very rare and hard to get. You would also have to smelt the brass down to get your smelted brass for use in the forge because this would yield scrap brass. You could even gate the whole process behind a metallurgy book or something as well as the crucible.

Sorry for the long-winded post and again, just something to think about.

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I had zinc in game once as well as tin.

It may be possible to do so again yet it can dilute what is in the layers of earth already and would require a new reset.

I have had smelted brass in before; right now it is not on my list of things to do unless I implement a metallurgy skill. This may wait for a14 to see what they do with skills and progression as they do away with more recipe books.


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