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Author Topic: Additional Farming mechanics (Suggestion)  (Read 73 times)

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Offline Thoddius

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Additional Farming mechanics (Suggestion)
« on: May 04, 2016, 09:17:49 pm »
With the addition of GMO crops and their need for fertilizer, and the need to hunt for "human turds", I suggest an alternative method of making fertilizer.

Using a custom trash can model, such as a green-waste bin, and a forge UI, to add multiple ingredients such as: bones, rotten meat, plant fibers, human turds, wood, etc. and a "fuel source" (which would be any of the Nitrogen rich ingredients previously listed) players could make "fertilizer" using one of several different recipes based upon the contents of their Compost Bin.
In addition, human turds could be added to the zombie loot table, as there is a probability that some of the recently turned zombies could have feces in their pants.

For more information on composting, you can go here: http://eartheasy.com/grow_compost.html

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Offline h0tr0d

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Re: Additional Farming mechanics (Suggestion)
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2016, 11:43:31 am »
You don't need to "hunt" for human turds; with the Home Improvement progression you can make toilets which then upgrade to the loot-able toilets.

If a player places a loot container in-game it will be without loot and will not re-spawn loot.

This is why the crates you buy are the ones you must break open (which is downgrading the block to the loot container).

The toilets work as a place block you then upgrade to a loot container which will then respawn loot and in this case, it will be human turds.

The freezer works the same; I changed the fridge bottom to not be a loot container since up (or down)grading a loot container to another loot container creates a block that won't respawn loot; by making the fridge bottom a non-loot container you can upgrade it to a freezer which is a loot container and have it re-spawn ice.

I thought of it as ...in an apocalyptic sort of stone age we would be in...hygiene and human waste would be a HUGE deal...latrines, clean water...and growing crops would be at a premium as game would be scarce at least for a while before wildlife started taking over (rabbits and deer would be everywhere , bears would still be scarce, wolves may come in and chase off deer, wild dogs, coydogs...etc.)

So in the absence of a location away from a base where we deposit waste (say an outhouse) I gave us toilets that we could hook up (the upgrade using pipe) and become working toilets.

Now if they function the same as the crates (where you must be at least 10 blocks away from the container for the 7 day cycle--if that still is necessary), then what would happen is players would create outhouses which were away from their main bases where they would void themselves.

Anyway, I created options for people and rotten meat is on the table for something else in the works; my time has been occupied on fixing corrupt regions/player files and dealing with interpersonal relationships. Remaining time was spent working on the new seed (Braizd is working on custom prefabs and the like) and now I am in a Master's program at the university so...yeah.


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