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Author Topic: PvE Rules  (Read 1892 times)

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PvE Rules
« on: June 14, 2018, 02:01:15 pm »
The entire area of the map that is located North of 0 (zero) degrees latitude is PvE land.

However, due to the way the Botman server manager works, you can be legally killed by a player if you get too close to a PvP area.  Botman allows killing between the PvP and PvE areas, so long as one of the players is on the PvP side.  This means that a player in PvP can shoot and kill a player on the PvE side, and a PvE player can shoot and kill a PvP player, without any repercussions.  To avoid this risk, stay far enough away from zero latitude that you are out of weapon range.  If you don't want to engage in PvP, make certain you don't get too close to a PvP area.  If you happen to find yourself too close and are fired upon, you may fire back in self defense, so long as the other party is actually in the PvP zone.  If both players are in a PvE zone, any player that kills another will be sent to prison by Botman.

Additional Information

The North is essentially "Care Bear" land; no breaking into or looting anything that looks like a player lives there.  If something belongs to, or was built by another player, do not touch it.  No griefing or stealing.  However, if you find a dropped player pack, you may loot it at your discretion, assuming you find it out in the wild and not right after another player dies. 

The best way for other players to recognize that a base is owned by another player is by the "ping" of a land claim block protection, or if there are player-made blocks, doors, chests, sleeping bags, spikes, etc. Therefore, you need to place a land claim down even if it seems obvious you occupy that building.  You can also place signs to mark your base and I would encourage you to do so.

If you do not understand this or have any further questions, please post here.

PvE Zone (North) Rules

1.)  No raiding or breaking into other players' bases in the PvE area!

2.)  If you live in the North, you CANNOT have a base in the South!  This includes stash houses, crafting areas, bug out buildings, etc.

3.)  No killing or attacking other players. If auto-turrets are used, make certain they are set to kill ONLY zombies.

4.)  No building inside, placing land claim blocks in POIs, or otherwise preventing access to POIs (prefab houses, stores, factories, police stations, etc.).  If you did not build it, don't claim it!  Land claim blocks and bed rolls prevent quests from being activated.

5.)  No building closer than 100 blocks from another person's base unless previously agreed upon.  A base is considered the primary location where a player's loot boxes and bedrolls are kept, or a horde base, but does NOT include an area with only a land claim block placed.  Mining shacks, stash houses, and other non-primary buildings do not count as a base.  If a person builds too close to another person, the first person to establish a base will be the one permitted to remain in that area.

6.)  Do not build closer than 100 blocks of any trader or server build.  Server builds include, but are not limited to, the GZ Tower and GZ Residential Blocks.  If you build within 100 blocks, YOUR STRUCTURE WILL BE REMOVED BY AN ADMIN.

7.)  Do not build or modify terrain in any way the blocks or limits access to traders or server builds.  It is up to the discretion of the Admins if this rule is broken and your building or modifications may be removed or altered.

8.)  Do not build any blocks or items beyond the railing of the balcony of your condo in the GZ Mall.  This building is already at its limit for structural integrity and all items beyond the edge of the railing will be removed!

9.)  You must fill in or block off holes you dig with terrain or building materials (e.g., dirt, wooden frames, etc.).  This includes, but is not limited to, holes dug to locate buried treasure and mining area.  Please try to make the terrain as flat as possible. 

10.)  Do not plant trees close enough that their foliage overlaps, as this causes server lag.  Pines must be at least 11 blocks away from other trees and oaks must be at least 35 blocks away.

11.) Do not leave vehicles parked outside when you log out or admins will remove them!  Due to many bugs, it is required that you stow your vehicles in your inventory or a chest when not in use.

12.)  No stealing vehicles or items from vehicles that do not belong to you.  This applies to ALL vehicles, regardless of the amount of time the vehicle has been in the same location or if the vehicle is unlocked.  If it's not yours, do NOT touch it!

13.)  No stealing other players' crops.

14.)  You must use your land claim block.  Do not build or place a land claim block within 10 meters of zero latitude.

15.)  Do not build on or under any roads.  You may build over a road, so long as it doesn't block travel on the road itself.

16.)  Use common sense and be friendly.

*** NO DUPING ALLOWED!!!!  Duping will result in being banned! ***

Last Updated:  07/06/2020

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