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Mods / Expansion Mod Information
« Last post by MADMAN on August 19, 2019, 06:37:38 pm »
Need to know more about the new Expansion Mod?

Details below:


1. Horadric Cube (HC) Master Blacksmith*
2. The Book of Shadows (TBoS) Potion Master*
3. Artisan-Lab (AL) Dye Master

*Horadric Cube & The Book of Shadows -- chain quests are found from air supply crates, all types of bookshelves, rng box, tree stumps.
Once you find the quest you must complete it to obtain the HC or TBoS.
This wont be an easy task. You will need help. They will enable you to craft epic end game gear which wont be cheap or easy.

Horadic Cube Recipes

WeedHack___________________Break down grass fast and easy.  Hold both left and right mouse buttons simultaneously for even faster action!
RNG________________________RNG box you place on the floor to gain random loot, including chance for epics. Feeling lucky punk?
Mod: Tree of Life______________+100 to base HP // HealthChangeOT 1 // +10% runspeed
Stun Mine___________________Stuns & blurs screen for 5 seconds. Player also can't move.
Artisan Lab__________________Access to 35 new dye colors (Most are redundant as another older mod already has them on our server)
Mod: Hunt's Man______________Weapon MOD attachement +100 Base attack speed / Stamina Loss Base -15 / +25% more dps/ MaxRange 80 / WeaponHandling 5 / Reload speed 1.5x
Flashbang___________________Blurs screen for 7 seconds.
stun grenade_________________Stuns player 6 seconds and messes up screen.
Mod: Elemental Resistance______PHYS/cold/heat Resistance +30 //

The Book of Shadows Recipes

100HP PowerUp______________Increases your health by 100 and lasts 8 minutes.
Dragon's Breath______________Refreshes breathing under water timer.
Bone Mending_______________Instantly mends your bones.
STA   /20___________________Gives you 20STA instantly.
Power Jump_________________Increases your jump strength by 50% lasts 8 minutes.
HP /20_____________________Gives you 20HP instantly.
100STA PowerUP_____________Increases you stamina by 100 lasts 8 minutes.
Sprint It!___________________25% runspeed 10 seconds. Using 6 stam per sec once potion activated!


Golden Feather______________Used to craft an RNG box very rare find can sell at a hefty price =) found from bird nests, tree stumps, supply plane crate, treasure chests.


Firewood Maple______________Burns for 3 real hours in campfires etc. only found on in RNG box.
Military Battery______________Found in RNG box only. Long life lasting battery triple the amount of a normal battery.
Military Universal Power Bank___Uses any type of battery military preferred for best battery time output double the time and powers up regular batteries also both 100 volts.

lol, STILL?
Not a resolution, but perhaps a hint that one could be possible someday.

Not a resolution, but perhaps a hint that one could be possible someday.
Suggestions / Re: Switch activate-able doors?
« Last post by MADMAN on August 06, 2019, 08:30:41 am »
Sounds exciting.
Suggestions / Re: Switch activate-able doors?
« Last post by frankencow on August 06, 2019, 02:21:42 am »
No mod required.
Madmole just posted this update for A18 when it comes:

+Added: Electrical schematics to loot and traders (Joel)
+Added: Craftable power doors and bridges. Unlocked via schematic or tier 4 of Advanced Engineering (Joel)(still need to clean up attachment points)
Suggestions / Re: Switch activate-able doors?
« Last post by Ammit on August 05, 2019, 11:41:27 pm »
Id like to second this idea.. I was just going to post this question myself..

basically, make them toggle like a pressure plate at minimum...

havng the same settings like a motion sensor settings would be optimal
Triggered, ect...

thoughts @madman
Would it be worthwhile, I wonder, when A18 experimental drops to go through the exercise of testing the offline modifier again and then submitting it as a formal bug report using the format that the most recent build bug reports have required?

It may not get them to look at this any sooner, but maybe it will help to formally identify the offline modifier problem and let it sit on the "known bugs" section of the build notes.

In Madmole's recent "Heist" book video he showed a couple of book bonuses that help raiding become even easier. That's cool, but it would be cooler if the offline modifier helped to balance the whole offline mechanic of PVP.

I mentioned something about that in the A18 Dev Diary, but it quickly got buried.
Donate / Re: Donation Link & Appreciation Page
« Last post by MADMAN on July 30, 2019, 01:15:29 pm »
Thank you Rabid very much for your donation!  Much appreciated. 
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