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Author Topic: Horde night atop a Wolfpack base results in perhaps the best PvP seen this seed yet! Until name-cal  (Read 1417 times)

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So I headed over to drheidi's base to do some horde night fighting up top once I saw drheidi and Goibhammer log on to maybe get some PvP in with an X factor (zombie hordes) and also... maybe help me kill some trees, which they did.

I see someone (drheidi) out shooting so I take some shots with the crossbow but decide to pull out some real weapons.

I get drheidi who may not see me...and then Gobhammer who is running around with his headlamp on.

I'm called a real jerk at this point but meh, too busy. You hear me giggling through here, and even say 'beautiful chaos". I absolutely love the chaos with spitters and explosions and fire, and zombies everywhere... they are trying to get out of their base and even resort to using a chainsaw lol.

Look around 9:15 drheidi comes out from the base,  and charges me doing a good deal of damage with this shotgun before I get her.

 I end up looting the bag on the fly... why? because odds are a zombie that spat or n exploding cop, or our gun fire could destroy it. It also deprives them of a weapon during the PvP and allows me to return the contents at the end.

At around 19:40 someone snipes me and I begun to run for my life. I never find the shooter but eventually one of them (Gobhammer) tries to charge me with a shotgun (around 21:30 look on the right-hand side of the screen). I was unprepared with a sniper but luckily get a head shot in right at the end ...barrel must've been in his face.

Around 22 minutes in I am getting sniped and with my leg being broken and zombies apparently only after me at this point I had to call my minibike and create space to get a splint and water! whew. They almost had me again!

At like 25:30 I am looking back at their hatch and see someone running around; I take a shot and miss and soon I am sniped from the left!

I quickly put a tree between me and them, you hear them take damage (zombie). I pop back out from behind the tree, hit them in the leg and take cover. I had seen the zombies going for them and yup, Gobhammer dies around 26:11...death by zombie. It appears during this drheidi is covering him.

Anddd it is 4 am. Horde night over.

Now... to loot zombie corpses for good loot. Most of those boss zombies were coming for me anyway but now the trick is to get the loot and not get PvP killed. Also you have to try and avoid a situation where you kill the other players repeatedly because they may want revenge, or the loot, or their backpacks...or  all /any combination of.

Notice I am looting and continuing to fire my sniper rifle through this time while also trying to keep an eye on their hatch lest they come out guns blazing.

At around 31 minutes, having checked my bike and  back path where they potentially may have an alternate exit, I type telling them to just stay inside so I can loot the zombie corpses and leave them alone. I also tell them I will leave their goods.

Around 32 minutes Gobhammer implied I effed up his being online for horde night.

I offer up that they almost had me! Notice I do no taunting, no mocking, no anything here except tell them they almost had me and to stay inside while I am looting.

Around 32:50 drheidi calls me an asshat, implying I waited around all night for them. This is where people try and accuse you of "camping" or "sniping" in order to make you seem less.

 For the record my first two kills were both charging with an AK-47/SMG.
My 3rd kill was with a SMG.
My 4th kill was a sniper shot, zoomed in, in at point blank as I was being charged.

I was not "sitting around" or "camping" or "waiting for en extended period of time". If I was, so what! But I wasn't! I was on the move constantly, engaging at close range and dealing with a ton of nasty zombies. I was even clearing their hatch for them so they could escape!

At 33:40 I see one of them running from my right to the left and yes, I saw they had no weapon out at this moment. As they move around my flank I fire a sniper shot and pull out a SMG for close range. Yes I saw them with no weapon but all they hjad to do was pull one out... and who knows if the other wasn't up top anyway! It wasn't a risk I was willing to take.

I then tell them to stay inside. As you saw in the video I wasn't camping any one spot, I am moving all over looting corpses in a huge circle around the perimeter.

34:28 ish I say I'll leave their stuff for them, there is no reason for therm to come out as bags don't decay. My friends and I always leave people's weapons and stuff for them so they can PvP later. They may not know this so I am trying to communicate it to them without stopping in one place and typing too long... good way to get shot in the head.

It is obvious they are frustrated and it isn't fun getting killed (usually) but that was far from one-sided. They had me on the run and shot me many more times than I did them. Odds are the weapon skill/quality and armor may have made the difference. Hell I even had to run for the bike once!

You can continue watching if you want but it is just them calling me names and me trying.. and failing.. to be a voice of reason. Fordon even joins in calling me a dick.

I didn't do anything wrong.
I left their stuff, even a better quality shotgun.
I could've taken every weapon, and the bike.
I didn't taunt, call names, mock, or anything.

I wish people would just realize it is PvP... in a video game. I started PvP because I realized zombies weren't a challenge after a time (you learn how to build bases and deal with hordes) so I needed a thinking opponent (humans).

I don't force you to live in the south.
I don't force you to come back out and shoot at me or engage in PvP firefights.
I told you to stay inside till I finished looting.

Gobhammer calls me a name and says he had plans to kill  zombies during horde night with his wife on July 4th. The accusation levied and the implication is that I deliberately ruined this as if I could read minds and somehow knew this was their plan...and I set out to ruin it apurpose.

If you really had it planned out you always could have gone north into a town/city and done it there. No risk of me being there. This was the FIRST time I killed Gobhammer; it wasn't like I have camped him every day since the seed hit and killed him 58 times. That hasn't happened with anyone.

You know I'm online.
You're in the south.
You are outside with headlamps on shooting firearms.
At ANY point you could have said h0tr0d we had plans to etc. etc. and asked me to leave. But you didn't. You called me a jerk and came out chasing and trying to kill me. Your actions show a willingness to engage in and continue PvP!

Tons of choices/options and none of the ones which could have avoided you being killed were taken. I'm not trying to ruin anyone's fun...it'
s just PvP. And before long it will all be wiped and we get to try again; it's no big deal dying yeesh.

It gets old being called names and accused of perfidy.

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I also don't like the implication that I am south so I can gank level 1 players who spawn in. How the **** can I know when someone will spawn in at level 1 and where? Like I sit there for hours everyday on the chance I catch someone? meh.


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